What are the UFC female weight classes?

What are the UFC female weight classes?

Women’s UFC Weight Classes * The women’s UFC division is split into only 4 classes: strawweight, flyweight, bantamweight, and featherweight.

What is the heaviest UFC women’s weight class?

Middleweight: 185 pounds. Heavyweight: 206-265 pounds. Men’s flyweight: 125 pounds. Women’s bantamweight: 135 pounds (tie). Light heavyweight: 205 pounds (tie). Women’s flyweight: 125 pounds. Women’s featherweight: 145 pounds.

Why is there no heavyweight women’s UFC?

Because there are few high-quality heavyweight (over 225 lbs.) female fighters. There isn’t a light-heavyweight, middleweight, welterweight, or a few lower divisions for female fighters. The highest is featherweight, at 145 lbs.

Who is the lightest female UFC fighter?

1. Jessica Andrade (22-9-0; 135 lb / 61 kg) 2. Katlyn Chookagian (17-4-0; 125 lb / 56 kg)