What is Yeonjun favorite member?

What is Yeonjun favorite member?

OP said that Yeonjun’s favorite member in BTS is Jimin and his favorite song is serendipity😭🧡 well, everybody loves Jimin!!! and maybe he got inspiration from Jimin for his dancing too!!!

Who is Yeonjun crush?

Yeonjun shared that his celebrity crush recently was Audrey Nuna, a Korean-American artist. Not only do they share the same culture, but she’s also the same age as him.

Does Yeonjun have a dog?

190504 txt fansign yeonjun said he has never raised a cat or a dog!!

What color is Yeonjun hair?

pink. Though he loved his pink hair during its time, Yeonjun confessed he favors his ash gray hair in the end. If I got this question right after I dyed my hair, then I would’ve picked pink, but I’m leaning towards gray these days.

Who is Yeonjun shipped with?

Yeonbin is the ship name Yeonjun and Soobin that consists of (Yeon)jun and Soo(bin).

Why is Yeonjun called noona?

BIGHIT MUSIC’s TXT is a boy group, but that doesn’t stop the youngest member, Huening Kai calling the eldest, Yeonjun noona. Any Korean culture enthusiast would know noona doesn’t fit a male. Noona is a term of respect used by males to address an older female friend or sister out of respect.