What is the music festival from Yes Day?

What is the music festival from Yes Day?

Katie makes a wager with Allison that if her mom makes it through Yes Day, Katie will go to the music festival Fleek Fest with her mother.

Who is Katie from Yes Day?

Yes Day (2021) – Jenna Ortega as Katie Torres – IMDb.

Did H.E.R. actually play in Yes Day?

Grammy award winner H.E.R. is plotting a Hollywood takeover after making her acting debut in Netflix’s Yes Day.

Is the singer in Yes Day Real?

H.E.R. stands for Having Everything Revealed although the 23-year-old R&B music artist’s full real name is Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson. H.E.R.’s song I Can’t Breathe, released after the death of George Floyd, was awarded Song of the Year at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

Is Yes Day ok for 10 year olds?

This movie features a wonderful cast and a predictable but fun plot. Because of some questionable content and the possibility that children might copy some of the activities and behaviour in the story, we don’t recommend Yes Day for younger children. Rather, it’s best enjoyed by older children and parents.

What was the band Yes’s biggest hit?

‘Roundabout’ One of the most recognizable songs in the Yes catalog, “Roundabout” made an appearance on our list of the Top 100 Classic Rock Songs – so it’s a natural to top our list of the Top 10 Yes Songs of the ’70s.