Who is the owner of the Yogscast?

Lewis Brindley – Founder, Yogscast – Greater Bristol Area, United Kingdom | LinkedIn.

What happened to Yogscast Simon?

Simon took a hiatus from the Yogscast in March 2015, with a video explaining his sudden absence. In the video, he relates his hiatus to unspecified medical issues tied into an unexpected visit to the hospital.

Did Hannah leave the Yogscast?

Flippin’ heck. Hannah Rutherford, under the username Lomadiah, is a YouTuber and Twitch Streamer, and a former Content Producer for the Yogscast.

Why did Tom leave the Yogscast?

Tom Clarke (Sparkles*) used to be the Audio Manager for the Yogscast, but left to be able to focus more on his band, Area 11. He left on very good terms and is still friends with the Yogscast.