Did Selena have 2 kids?

All those rumors were false, and Selena did not have any children.

Does Selena wear a wig?

Enter the vast array of wigs worn by Serratos in the show: “In the ’80s, Selena wore her hair curly all the time, and in the series we used wigs that were curled with curling irons using distinct methods,” she shares.

What is selenas estate worth?

Quintanilla, is reportedly worth $5 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. The Christian Serratos-led series documents Selena’s life from childhood to her rise to international music stardom and is available for streaming now.

Did Chris Perez ever remarry?

Did Chris Perez ever remarry and have children? Though it took years, Chris was able to find love in his life again in the arms of Vanessa Villanueva. They met through a mutual friend, John Garza, and dated for a while. Perez married Vanessa in 2001, six years after the death of Selena.