Who does Dylan Arnold play in you Season 3?

Who does Dylan Arnold play in you Season 3?

Dylan Arnold plays Theo in Season 3 of You.

What happens to Theo in You?

Matthew finds a drugged Joe and knows Theo is in trouble. Joe manages to signal to Matthew that Theo is in the hospital. A flash forward shows that Theo survived and was released from the hospital; the traumatic incident seemed to have healed and strengthened Theo and Matthew’s relationship.

Who is Theo’s dad in You?

Among their neighbors is Theo Engler, a college student whose father, tech mogul Matthew (Scott Speedman), lives next door.

How old is Dylan Arnold meant to be in You?

The character is a 19-year-old college student, meaning he is quite a bit younger than Love, who is in her late twenties. Interestingly, though, the actor who plays him – Dylan Arnold – is 27 years old in real life, which is older than Love actress Victoria Pedretti, who is 26.