What’s the story behind you’re so vain?

What’s the story behind you’re so vain?

After keeping quiet for more than 40 years, Carly Simon has admitted that her song You’re So Vain is about Warren Beatty, but only one verse of it. She told People magazine: “I have confirmed that the second verse is Warren”, but she said the other verses refer to two other men.

Who was you’re so vain reference to?

It was widely believed that ‘You’re So Vain’ was about actor Warren Beatty, who the singer dated in the early 1970s – but other names in the frame have been Mick Jagger, her ex-husband James Taylor, David Bowie, producer David Geffen and even Cat Stevens.

Is you’re so vain about James Taylor?

Simon confirms the song is not about Taylor or Jagger “It’s definitely not about James although James suspected that it might be about him because he’s very vain,” Simon told the music magazine.

Who wrote you’re so vain?

You’re So Vain