What part did Ambyr Childers play in You?

What part did Ambyr Childers play in You?

Childers starred as Candace Stone in Lifetime’s television adaptation of You, which premiered on September 9, 2018.

Are Candace and love the same person?

Love becomes suspicious of her and has a private investigator look into her, discovering she is actually Candace Stone, and confronts her as she breaks into Joe’s apartment. Candace tells Love all about who Joe really is and that she is there to protect her, showing her a picture of her and Joe together.

How much does Randall have to pay Lala?

Over a period of three years, the producer allegedly received massages and oral sex from her, digitally penetrated her, and masturbated while she stood nude in his office. Emmett reportedly later signed a settlement agreement to pay her about $200,000 (though he has denied doing so).

What did Love do with Candace’s body?

Candace is killed by Love. Love uses the bottle to slit Candace’s throat. This is more or less the same way she’d previously killed the au pair who was hooking up with her brother, Forty, when they were kids. Later, Love takes Candace’s body to Anavrin where she presumably disposes of it.