What school does Youcantfindalex go to?

What school does Youcantfindalex go to?

Alex is new to Thunderbird High School, he thinks it’s a basic high school like every other that’s until he bumps into Y/n.

Who is Alex French?

Alex French is a writer for GQ.

What is Alex last name from TikTok?

Alex and Kellz. Alex and Kellz are a romantic couple and short form content creators who rose to fame on social media, primarily TikTok. Their real names are Alex Faciane and Kellie Whislers. She and her boyfriend have more than 6.1 million followers on their verified account.

Does jazz from TikTok have a twin?

And when Sander tries to make a TikTok with his twin brother, Griffen Jennings, Griffen has a lot less patience than he does.