Is ezee a girl?

In high school, Ezee came out as a lesbian, a move that made her popular with her classmates. At around the same time, Ezee started posting on social media, which brought her popularity as well.

What does ezee do for a living?

She is a well-known American YouTuber, actress, comedian and social media influencer. How tall is Young Ezee?

Who is ezee and Natalie?

Social media sensations — Young Ezee and Natalie Odell have taken the internet by storm! They started creating Instagram and YouTube videos about three years ago and now millions have viewed their content.

Who is young ezee?

Young Ezee was born on May 12, 1993. She has an older brother and She played a in a celebrity charity basketball game with Ne-Yo in August of 2017. Before she was Famous, The first post from her Instagram feed was published in October of 2011.