How old was Kelly Bundy in Married with Children?

How old was Kelly Bundy in Married with Children?

Christina Applegate had already appeared in a handful of films and TV series when she joined Married… With Children as Al and Peggy’s promiscuous daughter Kelly at the age of 15.

When was Christina Applegate diagnosed with MS?

The “Dead To Me” star was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the summer of 2021.

What surgery did Christina Applegate have?

I sort of had to kind of weigh all my options at that point.” Christina was given two options… go forward with the radiation treatments and continue testing for the rest of her life or have both breasts removed. Christina made the dramatic decision to have a bilateral mastectomy. “It came on really fast.

Can Christina Applegate still walk?

More recently, Applegate spoke candidly about some of the difficulties she’s faced while working as an actress amid her MS struggles. The “Anchorman” star revealed to the New York Times earlier this month that she has gained 40 pounds and cannot walk without a cane.