Is SCANDAL still together?

Scandal broke up shortly after the tour ended.

How popular is SCANDAL in Japan?

The band has sold over two million records in Japan. Scandal is composed of four members: Haruna Ono (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Tomomi Ogawa (bass guitar, backing vocals), Rina Suzuki (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Mami Sasazaki (drums, backing vocals). All four members are from Osaka, Japan.

What happened in season 3 of Scandal?

In the season finale, the bomb goes off in a church, which Sally uses to her advantage to rise in the polls. On the election day, Olivia and Cyrus are convinced that Fitz has lost, but Rowan orders Tom to kill Jerry, which ultimately makes Fitz win the election.

Will there be Scandal season 8?

‘Scandal’ Won’t Return For Season 8, But Shonda Rhimes Has Had Plenty Of Time To Plan An Explosive Ending.