What does YT stand for in mountain biking?

What does YT stand for in mountain biking?

YT Industries is a German-based bike brand. Started in 2007 by Markus Flossmann, the company sells bikes direct to consumers. The company’s mantra is Young Talent, forming the YT acronym.

What happened to YT bikes?

German customer-direct bike brand, YT Industries, will not have an official presence at the 2022 UCI World Cup series. YT has confirmed that it is redirecting resources, which means support for the Mob downhill team has been withdrawn.

Is YT a good bike brand?

YT and Canyon are two of various bike brands that provide great mountain bikes for riders. Both are good-quality, durable, and comfortable to ride.

What does YT bikes stand for?

ABOUT YT INDUSTRIES YT stands for Young Talent and reflects its founder’s approach to life: No matter the age, it is never too late to explore your hidden talent or passion and to try something new.