Who are the Twins on Napoleon Dynamite?

No, you’re not seeing double — you’re just seeing identical twins, Jon and Dan Heder, 39. You may remember Jon from his breakout role in “Napoleon Dynamite.” Dan is also active in show business. He has been credited with several producer gigs and has acted in various short films over the years.

What happened to Aaron Ruell?

Aaron Ruell has had an active career since Napoleon Dynamite, though that has been mainly behind the camera. Ruell is affiliated with an agency out of Los Angeles known as Sanctuary. He has released many national commercials he has directed for big brands such as iHop, Coca-Cola, and Burger King.

Is Napoleon Dynamite autistic?

He demonstrates several symptoms of Asperger’s disorder, yet he also challenges the notion that children and adolescents with Asperger’s spectrum disorders will not be accepted or understood.

Is LaFawnduh a guy?

Shondrella Dupre Avery is an American actress, model and comedian. Her film roles include as LaFawnduh Lucas-Dynamite in the independent comedy Napoleon Dynamite (2004), and supporting roles in Domino (2005) and The Secret Life of Bees (2008).