How did Yul from Survivor meet his wife?

How did Yul from Survivor meet his wife?

I met my wife after we were set up by Brad Virata (my Tribemate from Cook Islands) and now we have two beautiful girls who just watched Survivor for the first time!

What is Yul from Survivor doing now?

In 2022, Yul appeared as a contestant on the USA Network show Snake In The Grass, alongside fellow Survivor alums Earl Cole and Malcolm Freberg. Yul previously worked as head of Facebook’s privacy program.

Does Yul Kwon have kids?

Kwon and his wife have two children.

Do they allow medication on Survivor?

To make sure each cast member is physically up for the challenges, the show requests medical information from contestants. Including all medications. Vital medications are allowed, but the show’s medical team needs to be informed beforehand.