Is Zach and Jonna still together?

Jenna almost quit the show to work things out with Zach, but after being persuaded by her cast members, she stayed until she was eliminated. Despite their many ups and downs, Jenna and Zach ended up getting married in March 2021 in a quiet ceremony.

Who did Zach from The Challenge date?

Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols are already parents to 9-month-old son Anthony.

When did Zach and Jenna get back together?

After a brief breakup in 2016, they reunited in May 2018, one year before getting engaged. Nichols and Compono announced in February 2021 that they were expecting their first child. (Son Anthony was born in September 2021.) “Happy Valentine’s Day!

Did Jenna cheat on Zach?

After a year together, the relationship went through its first test when Jenna was on The Challenge: Rivals 3. Zach went from ignoring Jenna’s calls to calling the wrong name when he eventually picked up her call. In the Rivals 3 Reunion episode, Jenna revealed that she parted ways with Zach on the grounds of cheating.