Where is Zach Lowe from?

After starting his journalistic career covering the criminal justice system in his home state of Connecticut, Lowe transitioned to basketball reporting and is today considered one of the premier columnists covering the NBA.

Is Zach Lowe related to Rob Lowe?

NBA Insider Zach Lowe. No relation, but they’ve both stopped by “The Jump”.

Where does Zach Lowe live?

He lives in New York City with his beautiful wife and young daughter.

Where is the Lowe post podcast?

The Lowe Post on Apple Podcasts.

Is Rob Lowe Mexican?

He is of German, English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh ancestry. On the show Who Do You Think You Are?, Lowe found out that one of his ancestors, Christopher East, was a Hessian soldier.

Do Rob Lowe and Chad Lowe have the same parents?

He was born Charles Davis Lowe II in Dayton, Ohio, to Barbara Lynn (Hepler), a school teacher, and Charles Davis Lowe, a trial lawyer. He is the younger brother of actor Rob Lowe.