Who is Zach Torres?

Zackery Torres (now known as Lennon Torres; born on March 16, 1999), is a young dancer. Zack first appeared as a contestant on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. She was the only male contestant during season one of that show, and received ninth place.

Who was Torres on Dance Moms?

For former “Dance Moms” star Lennon Torres, understanding her identity as a transgender woman was a long journey that involved gradual stages of coming out. “Each coming out was the truest self that I was ready to share with people and also with myself,” Torres, 23, told TODAY.

When was Zackery Torres on Dance Moms?

The University of Southern California graduate first appeared on season 1 of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition in 2012 before joining the Dance Moms cast with instructor Abby Lee Miller. At the time, Zackery and their mom, Gina Torres, were “shocked” by the “crazy” behavior displayed by the parents of other dancers.

Where is Hadley from Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition?

Post AUDC. Hadley joined Dance Moms and joined the Apple Core team while Abby was filming AUDC Season 2. Hadley performed with them for several weeks and her mother helped with choreography several times though their stay. Hadley has since returned to dancing back in her home state.

What did Kevin Cosculluela do?

Kevin Cosculluela was fired after he allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct with two underage girls.

Who was the first dance mom boy?

Torres made history on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition as the show’s first male-born contestant. Years later, the dancer opened up about the effect Dance Moms had on them and their gender — especially when it came to coming out as transgender and non-binary.