Does Zack Bia have rich parents?

Zack Bia wasn’t born with access to the second elevator. But the subject of a meme never gets to control the narrative. Depending on who you ask, you’ll learn that Bia’s father runs Dior, or that he comes from some less glamorous but similarly extensive pool of inherited wealth.

How did Zack Bia get so famous?

Bia first broke into the entertainment industry when he had a chance encounter with Fetty Wap at a nightclub on his 19th birthday. That night, a promoter asked for his number, assuming he was part of Fetty Wap’s crew, and from there the rest was history.

Who is Zack BIA ex?

Bia was reportedly dating pop superstar Olivia Rodrigo in early 2022, but the two called it quits after six months.