How old is Greinke?

Zack Greinke

Is Zach Greinke a Hall of Famer?

I’ll say Greinke is the next first-ballot Hall of Fame starting pitcher. We’ll go with 2029, meaning it would be the first time since 2018 and just the seventh time since 1999. Of course, it’s entirely possible then Kershaw, Scherzer and Verlander quickly follow, so we’d have another clump of them not unlike 2014-15.

What hand does Zack Greinke throw with?

Zack Greinke is a right handed pitcher and he’s thrown 2272 pitches this season. Here are all his pitches grouped together.

Is Zack Greinke a 2 way player?

He hit . 495 with 10 home runs in 99 AB as a senior and was a first-team Baseball America All-American as a two-way player. He signed with Kansas City for $2,475,000. He is the brother of Luke Greinke.