Is Zack Lugo related to Trey Makai?

Are Zack Lugo and Trey Makai related? The two online creators are cousins. However, Zack Lugo has been mistakenly referred to as Trey Makai’s brother, possibly because the two frequently collaborate and have been seen together in several videos online. Lugo is a famous content creator, and social media influencer.

Who is Trey Makai?

Bringing teenage relatability to latest release is Salt Lake City’s 14-year-old TikTok sensation and singer-songwriter, Trey Makai, who unpacks the all-consuming sensations of young love on new single “Stir Crazy”.

Did Trey Makai make a song?

Thirteen year old TikTok star, Trey Makai, adds to his impressive list of achievements with new song “Full Speed Falling”.

When was Trey Makai born?

Born August 21, 2008, the 12-year-old is famous on multiple platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.