How did Zara McDermott lose weight?

“Like most of my clients, Zara follows a high protein diet; we then reduce her carbohydrates and fats depending on how she is looking and feeling. Zara is a great cook so she has always been very good with this side of things and this is why she looks as amazing as she does.”

How much weight has Zara McDermott lost?

Zara McDermott says dramatic 3 stone weight loss was spurred on by nan’s death. Zara McDermott has hit back at vile trolls who called her “anorexic” after dropping just under three stone.

What does Zara McDermott work as?

She has since appeared on The X Factor: Celebrity and Made in Chelsea and has gone on to present her own BBC documentaries, Revenge Porn, Uncovering Rape Culture and Disordered Eating based on her own experiences. In 2022, she began presenting the dating series Love in the Flesh on BBC Three.

How tall is Zara McDermott feet?

At 5ft 6ins, Zara has gone from weighing 10st 7lbs at a size ten in July 2019 to nearing 7st 7lbs after dropping to a size 6. Ever since arriving on our screens as a Love Island bombshell, Zara has been unstoppable.