Is Zeenat Aman Miss Universe?

Zeenat Aman at the Miss Asia Pacific International pageant. She recalled her pageant days last year when Harnaaz Sandhu won the Miss Universe pageant 2021. “I not only won Miss India and Miss Asia Pacific in 1970, but I was also crowned Miss Photogenic.

Why does Zeenat Aman have eye problem?

Zeenat had been unlucky in love. Her abusive first marriage with Sanjay Khan ended violently in the Taj lobby, when he publicly bashed her up. The incident damaged one of her eyes.

Who is Helen’s son?

Helen was accompanied by her husband Salim Khan, step-son Sohail Khan, daughter Arpita Khan with son Ahil. Helen is Salim Khan’s second wife, whom he married in 1981. Later, they adopted a baby girl, whom they named Arpita, a few years later.

Who attacked Zeenat Aman?

According to a story in Cine Blitz, Sanjay Khan had hit Zeenat Aman so much that the actress was bruised all over. The most surprising thing is that this incident happened in front of several onlookers who did not lift a finger to help her.