How tall is Zendaya cm?

What is this? Zendaya Coleman stands 5 feet 10 inches or 177 cm (1.77 m) tall and weighs approximately 59 kg or 130 pounds, which has supported her important land roles in the sector.

How much is Zendaya height?

Zendaya is one of the tallest celebrities. we can say that on the basis of her height which is 5.10 feet or 1.78 m. And if we talk about her weight then her weight is 59 kg. As an actress, she maintained herself very well.

Is Zendaya taller than Tom Holland?

In case you were wondering, Zendaya and Tom Holland know that their height difference is not a big deal at all. (Zendaya’s height is about 5’10”, while Tom’s is about 5’8″.) The topic came up when the couple/costars were promoting Spider-Man: No Way Home at a Sirius XM Town Hall event in December 2021.