Who is Hardy Sandhu wife Zenith Sandhu?

Who is Hardy Sandhu wife Zenith Sandhu?

Zenith Sidhu belongs to a Sikh Family. Not much is known about her parents. She has one younger brother. Zenith is in a relationship with the Punjabi singer, Hardy Sandhu.

Does Gary Sandhu have a baby?

As mentioned by Garry Sandhu, he has named his son Avtaar Sandhu.

Where is Harrdy Sandhu from?

Harrdy Sandhu

What caste is Sandhu?

Sandhu or Sindhu is a clan or family name found among the Punjabi Jatts in India and Pakistan. It is Punjab’s second largest Jatt clan. The etymology is connected to the word Sindhu, the native name for the Indus river.