Who plays older Ziggy in Fear Street 2?

Fear Street: Part Two – 1978 (2021) – Gillian Jacobs as C. Berman, Adult Ziggy – IMDb.

Why was she called Ziggy in Fear Street?

When the police officials ask her name, Nick gives them a fake one, i.e., Christine Berman. Deena and Josh realize that C. Berman was actually Ziggy and not Cindy. The name change helped her to keep her real identity hidden.

Is Ziggy’s real name Christine?

Berman, birth name Christine “Ziggy” Berman, is one of the main protagonist of the Netflix dark horror film Fear Street trilogy. She is portrayed by Gillian Jacobs (who voices Atom Eve in Invincible and Sta’abi in Monsters vs.

Who plays Ziggy’s sister in Fear Street?

There’s lots to love about the Fear Street films, but a personal favorite component is the sister relationship Cindy (Emily Rudd) and Ziggy (Sadie Sink) share in Fear Street 1978.