How did Jamie Lynn and Casey Aldridge meet?

How did Jamie Lynn and Casey Aldridge meet?

Jamie Lynn met Casey “Casper” Aldridge at a church youth group event as a young teen, and she was quickly “infatuated with him.” As Zoey 101 wrapped, when they had been together nearly two years, Jamie Lynn and Casper “were struggling to stay together,” and rumors about his possible infidelity swirled.

What is Casey Aldridge famous for?

Classmates and teachers remember the father of Jamie Lynn’s baby as a popular prankster. He’s best known as the expectant father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby, but former classmates and teachers remember Casey Aldridge as a popular joker who could talk his way out of anything.

Where is Logan from Zoey 101 now?

Logan Reese — Matthew Underwood Underwood has continued to pursue his passion for filmmaking, taking on more behind-the-scenes roles, while sharing his life on his farm in Florida and creating plenty of social media content with former co-stars Sean Flynn and Paul Butcher.