Is Tiffany Stratton a guy?

Sporting one of the best looks in WWE, having great charisma, awesome athletic ability, impressive in-ring skills, and seemingly constantly improving with every outing, NXT 2.0’s Tiffany Stratton is the one female wrestler in NXT that feels like she has the “It” Factor.

Who is Quincy Elliott?

WWE recently announced Quincy Elliott as the host of NXT Halloween Havoc 2022. The October 22 event will emanate from the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. The Super Diva is known for breaking gender boundaries with his unique presentation.

Is Zoey Stark injured?

Stark has only just returned from a torn MCL/Meniscus injury that she suffered near the end of 2021. Stark returned to action on July 19, winning a 20-woman battle royal to earn a shot at the “NXT” Women’s Championship. The team of Stark and Lyons are now reportedly set to be replaced by a familiar “NXT 2.0” team.

Does Zoey stay with Stark?

Zoey Redbird decides to stay on the Isle of Skye when Aphrodite LaFont and Darius leave to return to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Stark stays with her until Jack’s death and other realizations tell Zoey that it’s time to return to the Tulsa House of Night and face Neferet.