What is Zowie Bowie’s real name?

What is Zowie Bowie’s real name?

Bowie’s son Duncan Jones, the lone child of Bowie and his first wife, Angela, was nicknamed Zowie Bowie in his youth. He switched to his given name of Duncan in his teens (Jones being Bowie’s given surname), but longtime Bowie fans recalled the rhyming name of the young Zowie Bowie.

Who is Zowie Bowie Vegas?

This is Chris Phillips, a classic Las Vegas soul trapped in a dance-party production show. Sometimes we refer to him as Zowie Bowie, other times just Chris, but regardless he always brings the party.

Is Angie Bowie married?

Angie Bowie

Why are Bowie’s eyes different?

Anisocoria is a condition where the pupils are two different sizes. The word “anisocoria” literally translates into “not equal pupil condition.” However, while Bowie had a permanent case of anisocoria, the condition isn’t always lasting.

Who inherited David Bowie’s money?

According to ET, Iman received the majority of Bowie’s estate — an estimated 50% of his net worth. As for his children, ET revealed that both received a $25 million inheritance. Additionally, Alexandria would get the family’s upstate New York home when she turned 25.

Who sings Zowie Bowie?

Zowie Bowie features the musical talents of backing vocalist Nieve Malandra, who joined the group in 2011, adding high voltage sexy vocals that makes the act the Las Vegas mainstay that it is. FAB ZB FACT: Zowie Bowie has not missed one week of shows in 22 years!