Who was Zuber?

Zuber Kamal Khan (born 21 March 1989), professionally known as Zuber K. Khan, is an Indian model and actor who appears in Hindi films. He made his debut with Lekar Hum Deewana Dil, which was released on 4 July 2014. He won Raymond model of the year.

Who is k Khan?

He is best known for his supporting role in the film Ek Villain (The Villain; 2014), where he played the role of the titular serial killer’s best friend, notably neither produced nor written by him. At the 2015 Ghanta Awards (humorous Bollywood film awards), Khan was awarded the Worst Supporting Actor for Ek Villain.

How much does Zuber wallpaper cost?

Zuber, with showrooms around the world, including one in Manhattan, is best known for its scenics, which can cost from $3,500 to $30,000 for an entire scene. Zuber also produces repeat-style wallpaper with wood blocks, for $250 to $450 a roll.

What is Zuber wallpaper?

The French have manufactured several types of wallpaper over the centuries, though their nineteenth-century handcrafted scenic landscape papers are arguably the most spectacular.