What is Atticus Shaffer doing now?

What is Atticus Shaffer doing now?

He lives with his family in California. Although he’s said he’s eager to leave the state where he was raised by parents, Ron and Debbie, Shaffer currently enjoys a quiet life with his family outside Santa Clarita, California.

Is Atticus Shaffer disability?

Shaffer has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, type IV, a genetic condition inherited from his mother, who has type I. He says that the disability is just a small part of who he is. He loves being a Boy Scout and especially enjoys going on camping trips and earning Merit badges.

What disability does Brick have?

Brick’s actor, Atticus Shaffer suffers from type IV Osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as “brittle bone disease”, a rare genetic disorder directly affecting the skeletal system. It is assumed his character has this as well, but it is never mentioned in the series.

Why is Atticus Shaffer so short?

Shaffer has type four osteogenesis imperfecta, a condition involving a defect in type 1 collagen, which causes fragile bones and short stature; he is 4′ 8″ (142 cm) tall.

Is brick on The Middle autistic?

The youngest son in the family is Brick who, though he has never officially been diagnosed with anything specific, has all of the tics and quirks of one on the Spectrum.

Why does brick limp on The Middle?

Physical activity is difficult for Atticus — viewers of “The Middle” will notice the camera rarely follows him when he walks, and when it does he has a limp because of a genetic disorder known as brittle bone disease, although his case is less severe than most. “It just adds to my colorful personality,” he said.