What is Axel Webber known for?

What is Axel Webber known for?

Axel Webber is best known on TikTok thanks to his videos about living in a tiny apartment in New York City. His very first TikTok video was posted back in 2019. While most of his videos have hundreds and thousands of views, it wasn’t until late 2021 that Axel started going massively viral.

Did Axel Webber get into Juilliard?

On Jan. 11 2022, Axel Webber posted a TikTok video about his rejection from Juilliard which went viral — garnering close to 10 million views. Webber’s rejection video has captured the hearts of millions who expressed anger against Juilliard.

Where did Axel Webber go to college?

Mr. Webber was home-schooled in Georgia with four siblings and completed his undergraduate degree online.

How much does Axel Weber make?

What is the salary of Axel Weber? As the Non-Executive Non Independent Chairman of the Board of UBS AG, the total compensation of Axel Weber at UBS AG is $5,235,140.

What does Webber stand for?

Webber is an occupational surname referring to, “a maker of cloth”. The ending “er” generally denotes some employment, examples include Miller and Salter. The ending “er” is the masculine form whilst “ster”, as in Webster, is the feminine form.

What is a hype house plant?

An industry plant is someone who appears to come out of nowhere and gain organic fame but is actually part of a professional, coordinated effort from industry professionals, production companies, music labels, etc. to make that person famous.