Are Steph and Ayesha still together?

Are Steph and Ayesha still together?

August 2, 2021: Stephen and Ayesha pay tribute to each other on their 10th wedding anniversary. On June 30, 2021, the couple celebrated 10 years of marriage.

How long Steph and Ayesha been together?

They have been married for a little over ten years and have three wonderful kids together, daughters Riley and Ryan, and son Canon. The two have been spotted at each many public events, with Ayesha cheering Steph at his games, and Steph appearing in the latter’s cooking shows.

What did Aisha say about Steph?

Explaining how she feels about Steph receiving female attention, Ayesha said, “Stephen is very nice by nature, and he’s very talkative… and so everything’s always very ‘friendly,’” she said, gesturing with air quotes. “Sometimes, to the point where I’m like, ‘OK, I’m a grown woman, I’ll just insert myself.

Are Steph and Ayesha married?

Back to where it began! Stephen and Ayesha tied the knot in a beautiful summer ceremony in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Are the Currys getting a divorce?

Sonya Curry and former NBA player Dell Curry rattled fans when it was revealed in 2021 that they were getting divorced after more than 30 years of marriage.

How much money is Stephen Curry worth?

As of now Stephen Curry net worth is $160 Million which he earned via his game. He was 11th in Forbes’ list of the World’s highest-paid athletes of 2021. Additionally, his salary is estimated to be $50 million which is indeed huge. Stephen Curry is also into business and an investor through which he earns too.