How old is chalene from PiYo?

How old is chalene from PiYo?

How old is Chalene Johnson? Chalene Johnson’s age is 53 years as of February 2022.

Is Chalene Johnson still married?

DIVORCE is hard. MAKING it work is hard. It’s all hard. Last week a very well known couple in the personal development space announced their split to millions of bewildered social media followers.

Where was chalene Johnson born?

Chalene Johnson

Where did chalene Johnson grow up?

other half of Team Johnson. I was born and raised in Southern California.

How did chalene Johnson make her money?

She started developing businesses at 13 years old and later created a group exercise class which led to her creating the TurboJam home fitness exercise program. She has gone onto launch TurboKick, PiYo, and Hip Hop Hustle as well as TurboFire. Johnson teachers a class in Irvine, California.

Where in Michigan is chalene Johnson from?

A native of Grand Rapids, Chalene attended MSU’s James Madison College, which she credits with “preparing me to do absolutely anything—to think about an issue, to be articulate, and to be quick on my feet.” Her favorite professor was Folke Lindahl.