What is Noah’s friends name in The Notebook?

What is Noah’s friends name in The Notebook?

In Nicholas Sparks’ 1996 novel The Notebook, the main male protagonist Noah has two friends named Fin and Sarah. Both Fin and Sarah grew up with Noah in New Bern, North Carolina, and all three are childhood friends.

Who is the main male character in The Notebook?

Noah Calhoun Initial narrator and protagonist; Noah falls in love with Allie the summer after graduating from high school, and even though they go their separate ways, he never stops loving her.

Who are the real Noah and Allie from The Notebook?

The film is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks, but the author wrote on his website that Allie and Noah were based on his then-wife’s grandparents. They were together for over 60 years, and Sparks was impressed with how strong their love for each other was.

Did Allie and Noah marry?

Allie marries Noah in The Notebook. She was originally engaged to Lon Hammond, a lawyer who had quickly won her parents’ approval. However, she calls off the engagement after being reunited with Noah.

Why did Allie choose Noah or Lon?

After the war, Noah goes back to Seabrook, where the story begins, and Allie becomes engaged to Lon Hammond (James Marsden) after meeting him while volunteering as a nurse. Lon is the perfect choice for Allie because he has money and her parents approve of his class. Allie agrees to marry Lon.

What mental illness does Allie have in The Notebook?

The Notebook is a popular Nicholas Sparks film, which follows the love story of Allie and Noah. Their life is shown through a series of flashbacks, as Noah tells their story to Allie in the present-day at a residential care facility. Allie has Alzheimer’s disease. Noah believes that reading to her helps her remember.