Where is the house in The Notebook located?

Where is the house in The Notebook located?

Inside Allie’s Summer Home – The Notebook Film Locations The inside of Allie’s summer home was filmed at Williams Mansion, which used to be known as Calhoun Mansion. Williams Mansion is located at 16 Meeting Street in Charleston.

Can you visit where The Notebook was filmed?

Based on the Nicholas Sparks novel, the movie was filmed throughout the inspiring location of Charleston, South Carolina. While the stunning house Noah built for Allie is private property, you can still visit many of the sites featured in the beloved film. Welcome to The Notebook in Charleston!

Where was The Notebook lake scene filmed?

The excessively famous romantic, lake scene was filmed at the Cypress Gardens in Moncks Corner. If you go take a tour you can see the exact location where the movie was filmed (row boat and all 😉).

Can you visit Noahs house from The Notebook?

The plantation, which has been a working farm for more than 300 years, is open to the public for tours—you’ll recognize it instantly upon turning on to the mossy oak-lined driveway and seeing the iron gate in front of the house that Noah rams his truck into.”