Who is the Sudheer Babu wife?

Sudheer Babu

When did Sudheer Babu get married?

Sudheer Babu

Is Sudheer Babu rich?

Is Sudheer Babu rich? Yes, Sudheer Babu is rich he is a billionaire.

What is the salary of Sudigali Sudheer in Dhee?

Reportedly, Sudheer is being paid around rupees Rs 15 lakh for each schedule.

Is Sudheer leaving Jabardasth?

He added that Sudheer became a hero once he returned and he wanted to grow financially. Therefore, he chose the other channel which is offering more than the present management. It is known that Sudheer left the Jabardasth show and now he is doing Comedy Stars which is telecasting in Star Maa.

Why Sudheer is not coming to shows?

He also said that he told them he will come back to Jabardasth after six months. Sudheer also said that he never hosted singing shows and he wanted to do a kids program. That’s why he took a break from Jabardasth.