Who is Telugu Sudheer Babu?

A prominent actor from the Telugu film industry, Sudheer Babu is Superstar Mahesh Babu’s brother-in-law. He was seen recently in Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali. The romantic comedy released on 16 September. Sudheer Babu had recently turned down the role of an antagonist in Brahmastra.

Why is Sudheer not in Dhee 14?

The popular actor, who has been associated with Dhee as team leader for a while now, has opted out of the forthcoming season due to personal reasons. Reality TV star Akhil Sarthak will step into his shoes as a team leader while Hyper Aadi will continue as the other team leader in Dhee 14, as per sources.

Why Sudheer is not coming to shows?

He added that Sudheer became a hero once he returned and he wanted to grow financially. Therefore, he chose the other channel which is offering more than the present management.

Who is the husband of Priyadarshini?

Acting wasn’t on my mind when I married Priyadarshini 16 years ago: Sudheer Babu.