Can you use WordPress on shared hosting?

Nowadays, the two most popular hosting options for WordPress websites are Managed Hosting Services and Shared Hosting.

Should I use shared hosting or WordPress hosting?

Shared hosting is a better option for small businesses, hobby bloggers, and freelancers looking for a low-cost alternative. You should consider a WordPress hosting solution if you’re looking to host your website on dedicated servers with better optimization and security features.

What is the difference between shared hosting and managed WordPress?

Shared hosting is just a type of hosting plan where your site “shares” resources with other sites on the same server. Managed WordPress hosting is a set of added services and performance tweaks that sits on top of regular hosting.

What is the difference between shared and dedicated hosting?

With shared hosting, your website lives alongside others, which are neighboring users utilizing the same server. With dedicated hosting plans, your website has a server all to itself.

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Who should use shared hosting?

Shared hosting is recommended for small and mid-sized companies. Providers usually specify, for each plan, a limit of visits that the site can handle in a day. According to the plan, the number can reach up to 30,000 or even more. One of the main advantages of shared hosting is that it’s easy to use.

When should I use shared hosting?

Shared hosting allows you multiple website domains as long as all the different domains are connected to your user directory. So if you want to have separate websites for your online business, a personal blog, and another for something else, you can easily do that on a shared server.