Who is the oldest Krew member?

Who is the oldest Krew member?

Rainbow (Betty La) is the oldest, followed by Gold (Kim La), then the middle child, Funneh (Kat La), Lunar (Wenny La), and lastly the youngest, Draco (Allen La). They all have Individual YouTube channels. However, they mostly post on Funneh’s channel.

How old is Draco from Krew?

How old is Draco from the Krew 2022? He is 23, turning 24 this May 12.

What is Krew real name?

What are the KREW’s real names. The real names are: Funneh is Kat La, PaintingRainbows is Betty La, Gold is Kimberly La, Lunar Eclipse is Wenny La, and Draco is Allen La.

How old is lunar from Krew 2022?

Wenny La, also known as Lunar Eclipse, or Lunar for short, [Born: February 28, 1997] is a Canadian-Vietnamese-Chinese artist and YouTuber, along with her other siblings, PaintingRainbows/Betty La, GoldenGlare/Kimberly La, ItsFunneh/Kat La, and DraconiteDragon/Allen La Together, they form a group called KREW.

Is Funneh Korean?

Kat La, also known as ItsFunneh, or Funneh for short, [Born: October 31, 1995] is a Canadian-Vietnamese-Chinese YouTuber with over 9 million subscribers.

Is Rainbow the tallest Krew?

In her early days on YouTube, most of The KREW called her “Paint” instead of Rainbow. She dislikes white chocolate. She is the eldest of the 5 siblings. She is the shortest out of the 5 siblings, but often jokingly states that she’s the tallest.