Who does Logan Lerman date?

The pair have been romantically linked since January 2020 and made their red carpet debut in July 2022 for Logan’s movie Bullet Train. Analuisa is an artist known for her ceramic work, specifically lamps.

Where is Logan Lerman now?

When it’s all said and done, he feels “great,” back at home in WeHo. Logan wears a Sandro vest; Sunspel t-shirt. The reason he finds himself back in his hometown of Los Angeles after a seven-year stint in New York City is a relatable one: he moved during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Who is Analuisa Corrigan?

Analuisa Corrigan is an artist working between Los Angeles and New York. Her portfolio includes different mediums—such as clay, paint, and printed matter—and explores themes of material fragility and integrity, as well as the interlacing of process and time.

Does Selena Gomez like Logan Lerman?

Last week, Selena Gomez admitted her celebrity crush was Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters’ Logan Lerman, and when he got questioned about the “Come And Get It” star’s feelings for him, it totally made him blush! In an interview with Access Hollywood, Logan was shown a picture of Selena and he instantly knew why!

Did Camille and Logan split?

Camille and Logan are now no longer a couple however they do remain good friends.

Why was Percy Jackson movie Cancelled?

Why The Movie Franchise Ended with Sea of Monsters. From a financial standpoint, Percy Jackson & the Olympians underperformed at the box office and disappointed revenue expectations. The Lightning Thief was more profitable, scoring $226 million upon its opening, but Sea of Monsters opened with $200 million.