Why did Megan Fox quit?

Why did Megan Fox quit?

It was a little jarring to the canon of Bay’s Transformers movies, so what exactly caused the sudden departure of Fox from Transformers? Megan Fox’s exit from Transformers: Dark of the Moon was a response to a Wonderland interview she did in 2009 where she compared Bay’s attitude on set to that of Hitler.

Does Megan Fox take care of her kids?

Megan Fox may be one of the most talked about celebrities on the planet, but when it comes to motherhood, the 35-year-old actor keeps things private. Protecting her three children — from the press, from bullies, from judgement — is her No. 1 priority, and she doesn’t waiver.

What surgery has Megan Fox gotten done?

Many surgeons have stated that she has turned to Botox and fillers to smooth her forehead, plump up her lips and enhance her cheeks for a fuller look. Dr. Schulman agrees: “Her lips are more full and her cheekbones are higher. Likely the result of Restylane or Juvaderm.”

How old was Megan Fox when she had her first baby?

Megan Fox says having a child at the age of 26 ‘saved’ her and gave her life purpose. The actress, 35, shares three sons with her ex Brian Austin Green, 47, who she filed for divorce from last year, and she says giving birth for the first time to son Noah, now eight, turned her life around.

How old was Megan Fox when she had her second baby?

Actress Megan Fox has reportedly given birth to her second child. The 27-year-old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress announced she and husband Brian Austin Green were expecting another baby last August.

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