Who is Timothy Hutton related to?

Who is Timothy Hutton related to?

His father was actor Jim Hutton; his mother, Maryline Adams (née Poole), was a teacher. His parents divorced when Hutton was three years old, and his mother took him and his older sister, Heidi (born in 1959), with her to Boston, and then to her hometown Harwinton, Connecticut.

Are Kavan Smith and Pascale Hutton a couple?

Both Pascale and Kavan are married. Pascale married her husband and fellow actor, Danny Dorosh, back in 2002 and has since given birth to two sons. While Kavan has mentioned he had a small wedding several years ago, we don’t know much about his wife. (The Canadian actor tends to keep his personal life pretty private.)

What happened to Jim Hutton after Freddie died?

Three years after Freddie’s death, Jim published a book about his time with the singer titled Mercury and Me. He worked as Freddie’s gardener after moving into the singer’s Kensington mansion, and preferred to stay away from the rock and roll lifestyle.

Why was Timothy Hutton Cancelled?

Timothy Hutton has sued the producers of the TV series “Leverage: Redemption,” alleging that they breached his contract when they dropped him from the show following a report of a sexual assault allegation.