Does Corpse Husband like TinaKitten?

Does Corpse Husband like TinaKitten?

TinaKitten and Corpse Husband are pretty close friends, and they regularly play games together.

What is TinaKitten real name?

Christina “Tina” Kenyon, better known by her online alias TinaKitten, is a South Korean Twitch streamer and content creator for 100 Thieves, known for her extreme gaming and art abilities, particularly Tetris and SpeedRunners.

Is TinaKitten a Twitch partner?

TinaKitten streams exclusively to her Twitch account; she is currently a Twitch partner.

Has Corpse Husband had a girlfriend?

During a stream in which Corpse answered questions from his fans, he seemed to be amused when someone asked whether or not he’d ever had a girlfriend. After jokingly replying that he was a virgin, Corpse Husband laughed and explained that yes, he’s dated in the past.