What happened with Ivan and Chelsea?

What happened with Ivan and Chelsea?

The three-hour episode picked up with Ivan Hall and Aaron Clancy’s fight over Chelsea Vaughn. Most of the cast took Ivan’s side since he claimed that Chelsea pulled him aside to talk, but once Chelsea told her version of events, she proved that Ivan was lying about who initiated the conversation.

Did Chelsea and Ivan hook up at the hotel?

Ivan and Alexa connected at the hotel, and Chelsea wasn’t involved.

Are James and Aaron from Bachelor in Paradise a couple?

Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall left Bachelor in Paradise season 7 together. They did not find love on the beach but did showcase the best bromance that Bachelor franchise fans have ever seen.

Who did Ivan hook up with at the hotel?

Wells Adams Explains How Producers Found Out About Ivan and Alexa’s Hotel Hookup.

Did Chelsea approach Ivan?

Then she approached Ivan to confront him about the lie, which he denied telling. “I did not say, ‘Chelsea pulled me,'” Ivan claimed, acknowledging, “I definitely pulled you.”

Who is Ivan’s girlfriend?

Anna Gallagher: Ivan’s Girlfriend.