What happens with Ivan on Bachelor in Paradise?

What happens with Ivan on Bachelor in Paradise?

Ivan snuck out to meet Alexa Caves at the hotel they were evacuated to, who had not yet come to Bachelor in Paradise. Once the storm passed, everyone returned to the beach. At the next rose ceremony, Wells confronted Ivan about sneaking out to be with Alexa. In the end, Ivan quit the show.

Did Ivan get kicked off Bachelor in Paradise?

He blamed his headspace for the impulse decision and apologized for breaking the rules. Wells suggested that he come clean to everyone. Ivan confessed to the rest of the cast — and directly to Chelsea — before he left the beach for good.

Does Ivan find love on Bachelor in Paradise?

While Ivan may have left Bachelor in Paradise without love, it seems that he has finally found it in real life. Ivan recently shared with Us Weekly that he has reunited with his ex-girlfriend from college, and the two are now in an official relationship.

Who did Ivan sneak out on Bachelor in Paradise?

Ivan and Wells walked to the beach and sat down together while the others looked on. He first asked Ivan if he had anything he wanted to tell him. The group watched and Chelsea Vaughn, 28, said they were only at the hotel for ‘a hot minute’ so she and the others didn’t know what Ivan could have done in that time.