Why do I always struggle with my weight?

Often as people gain weight, leptin—a hormone responsible for suppressing food intake—becomes desensitized, which means it takes more food to feel full. This desensitization persists even after you switch to a healthier diet, meaning that you’ll continue to feel unsatisfied with normal amounts of food.

Why do I struggle to lose weight so much?

There are some medical conditions that can drive weight gain and make it much harder to lose weight. These include hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and sleep apnea. Certain medications can also make weight loss harder — or even cause weight gain.

What to do if you are struggling with your weight?

Diet and exercise If you’re overweight, changes to your diet and physical activity levels are the first step to helping you lose weight. Your GP or practice nurse can help you assess your current diet and levels of physical activity, and set personal goals for change.

Why am I not losing weight eating 1200 calories a day?

You can’t lose weight on 1200 calories a day because you’re no longer in a calorie deficit. Your body has adapted to what it’s been doing and plateaued. If you start your diet with a 500 calorie deficit per day, your body adapts to this in various way so that over time your energy requirements are reduced.

Can’t lose weight no matter what I do?

Work on Getting Enough Quality Sleep. Learn Stress Management Techniques. Get Hormones Back in Balance. You Need to Adjust Your Macronutrients. You Need More Joy Into Your Life. You’re Eating Too Much Sugar. You’re Eating Processed Foods. You’re Not Moving Enough.

Why do I weigh more than I look?

Muscle is denser than fat, and as it is more compact within your body, as you gain muscle mass, you end up looking thinner, no matter your physical weight. So, if you’ve been doing a lot of strength training lately, it’s likely this is the reason that you’re looking fantastic but not dropping those numbers.