What did Jim Morrison call himself?

Why is Jim Morrison called the Lizard King? (a) Jim called himself the Lizard King because he wanted the media to have something to hold onto and use to recognize him. (b) Jim grew up in part in New Mexico and snakes, lizards, and other assorted desert creatures were a part of his early upbringing.

Why was Jim Morrison called mojo?

The word Mojo has its roots in voodoo but was adopted into the early blues culture and refers to one’s sexual prowess. Jim Morrison created an ingenious anagram of his name by re-arranging the letters to spell “Mr.

What is the meaning of Mr Mojo Risin?

Mojo Risin’,” which is an anagram of his name “Jim Morrison”. Doors drummer John Densmore later explained the story of the line: After we recorded the song, he wrote “Mr. Mojo Rising” on a board and said, “Look at this.” He moves the letters around and it was an anagram for his name.

Is Mr Mojo Risin an anagram for Jim Morrison?

Strap in, everybody, because it’s time for ANAGRAMS ON THE RADIO! We decided to inject a little rock-n-roll into our anagram game by adding the most famous anagrammed name in rock — Mr. Mojo Risin’, the anagram for The Doors’ lead singer Jim Morrison.