What is KALEO’s real name?

What is KALEO’s real name?

The band is lead by vocalist Jökull Júlíusson or JJ, as he goes by, drummer Davíð Antonsson, bassist Daníel Kristjánsson, and lead guitarist Rubin Pollock. As of early 2020, the band has released two studio albums, KALEO in 2013 and A/B in 2016.

Who writes KALEO songs?

JJ Julius Son, the lead singer and songwriter for band KALEO, has a quietness about him that doesn’t indicate shyness, but rather underpins confidence. 4 years have passed since their last album, but the time is almost here for the next chapter. Today, Surface Sounds has been announced for release on June 5.

Is KALEO a baritone?

Not to be upstaged by the depth of their singers’ baritone, Kaleo has long made a name for themselves not only through their Americana-rooted soul ballads but also the dramatic environments in which they record their live performances.

Who inspired KALEO?

Kaleo’s music is very influenced by folk and blues and JJ has said in interviews that he was likely born in the wrong decade. He is very into delta blues and music from the 60s and 70s and his father urged him to listen to music from a young age.