Who is Kalyani Priyadarshan father?

Kalyani Priyadarshan

What is the religion of Kalyani?

Hinduism is majority religion in Kalyani city with 97.80 % followers. Islam is second most popular religion in city of Kalyani with approximately 0.76 % following it. In Kalyani city, Christinity is followed by 0.21 %, Jainism by 0.01 %, Sikhism by 0.06 % and Buddhism by 0.06 %.

When was Kalyani born?

Kalyani was born on 5 April 1992 in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu to parents Priyadarshan and Lissy(Actress). She has a younger brother. She completed her graduation degree in Architecture Designing from Parsons School of Design, New York City. She also attended an acting workshop in Adishakti Theatre, Pondicherry.

Who was Rani Kalyani?

She is the 17th head of the dynasty. A puja was performed at Ramaswami temple near the palace. Kalyani was taken in a procession to the Darbar Hall or her court, where she sat on the throne in the attire of a princess. After coronation, Kalyani issued her first order: the funeral and cremation of her father.